RYSA with English subtitles!

We invite our English-speaking Viewers to see RYSA (SCRATCH), the newest film by the renown Polish filmmaker, Michał Rosa. We will start showing the film from September 19.

In Kino Pod Baranami RYSA is screened with English subtitles!

Film RYSA jest prezentowany w Kinie Pod Baranami w wersji z angielskimi napisami!

dir. Michał Rosa, Poland 2008, 95'

A family psycho-drama evolving around the life of a middle-aged marriage. Joanna is a sivty-years-old professor of a Krakow university, a biologist and daughter of a famous pre-war politician. Jan is a mathematician, the mainstay of the family, solid and caring, a keen debater and wit. A "scratch" appears on their relationship once the wife receives anonymous information that her husband may have been a denunciator during the communist regime.

Michał Rosa: This story is like Greek drama - it requires simplicity. I live with my characters a full year, from spring to spring; they have time to give explanations and to defend their reputations. And one more thing, I give them a chance of not forgiving, as showing mercy is not obligatory. 

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