The Wall (Mur) with English subtitles

(MUR) - with English subtitles
at Kino Pod Baranami from September 4, 2015

Pod Baranami Cinema invites all English-speaking viewers to the screenings of Polish film The Wall (Mur) - Dariusz Glazer’s debut feature film, starring Tomasz Schuchardt the double winner of the Best Supporting Actor Prize. The movie is screened with English subtitles at Kino Pod Baranami from September 4, 2015.

The Wall is a story of a young man who climbs over the proverbial wall, leaving his family home in a luxury apartment building in order to become more independent, only to find that the reality of everyday life is not as exciting and easy-going as he expected.

Tomasz Schuchhardt received the Best Supporting Actor Prize two years in a row for The Christening and You Are God by Leszek Dawid. The cast includes Aleksandra Konieczna and Marta Nieradkiewicz, who won the Best Supporting Actress at the 37th Gdynia Film Festival for Floating Skyscrapers directed by Tomasz Wasilewski. The Director of Photography is Berlinale Silver Bear winner Wojciech Staroń (The Prize).


dir. Dariusz Glazer, Poland 2014, 86’ (in Polish with English subtitles)

A young man decides to start a fresh chapter in his life. Having worked as a contractor on a newly built, gated estate, he now rents a flat there himself, cutting himself off from his old life in a run-down tenement house with his mother and her need for medical care. But the new reality quickly puts all his illusions to bed. If he wants to change, he will first have to tackle all the baggage from his past. Will he hesitate before leaping over the wall?

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