ABOUT Kino Pod Baranami

Kino Pod Baranami is situated in the heart of Krakow, at the Main Square. It is located in a Palace called Pod Baranami (Under the Rams) which is one of the grandest palaces in town.

Our three theaters offer cosy atmosphere and good movies – and one of our focuses is European cinema. However, we also screen films from all over the world, often coming form exotic countries – independent and ambitious productions.

We regularly present Polish movies with English subtitles (Polish Films In English), animated films for Young Audience (Baranki Dzieciom - every Sunday at 10 a.m.) .

We do not forget about our viewers who have become parents and still want to visit our cinema – Kino Pod Baranami offers them a special screening of the latest titles where they can bring their babies and watch the film with them (Baranki w Pieluchach - every Thursday at 11 a.m.).

We organize numerous festivals, including short film fests, video art, documentaries and retrospectives.

Each summer we invite our viewers to participate in SUMMER CINEMA HARVEST - films for 6 PLN! It’s is a 9 week long ‘film-tasting’ extravaganza. Featuring the most interesting films made in recent years plus cinema classics. Over 130 titles - each week a different thematic cycle.

And December is booked for Silent Film Festival – one of a kind event in Cracow that focuses on films from the silent era with live music.

Kino Pod Baranami has been awarded with Europa Cinemas Prize for the Best Programming in Europe and with the Polish Film Institute Prize for Best Cinema in Poland.

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