Day of the Wacko

tytuł oryginalny: Dzień świra

reżyseria: Marek Koterski
aktorzy: Marek Kondrat, Piotr Machalica, Janina Traczykówna, Andrzej Grabowski

czas trwania: 90 min.
produkcja: Poland 2002

(polska wersja znajduje się TUTAJ!)

One of the greatest Polish films of the decade. This sad and bitter, dark comedy follows Adaś Miauczyński over the course of a long, typically unpleasant day as he deals with his noisy neighbors, his overbearing mother, his apathetic son, his bitchy ex-wife, his rudely flatulent students, and, most debilitating of all, his own obsessive-compulsive behavior, and his immobilizing despair over the state of his life and the world around him. All the while, he reminisces about the woman he calls his great lost love and fantasizes about seeing her again. Reaching a fever pitch of depressed paranoia, he decides to travel to take a train to the beach to find some peace... Grand Prix - Golden Lion at Polish Film Festival.

Screening within the POLISH FILMS IN ENGLISH cycle.

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