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tytuł oryginalny: Prognoza pogody

reżyseria: Antoni Krauze
aktorzy: Halina Buyno-Łoza, Zofia Cegiełkowa, Barbara Chojecka, Eugenia Horecka, Henryka Janikowska, Lena Wilczyńska

czas trwania: 86 min.
produkcja: Poland 1982

(polska wersja znajduje się TUTAJ)

The setting is an old age home run by an aging director with an authoritarian hand. In the evening many of the residents huddle in a living room, penetrated by the October cold, to listen to the news. The announcement is giving the number of expected deaths due too the coming harsh winter. First music score of acclaimed Polish film composer, Zbigniew Preisner.

Screening within the Polish Films in English cycle.

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