A Chronicle of Amorous Incidents

tytuł oryginalny: Kronika wypadków miłosnych

reżyseria: Andrzej Wajda
aktorzy: Piotr Warzyńczak, Paulina Młynarska

czas trwania: 115 min.
produkcja: Poland 1985

(polska wersja znajduje się TUTAJ)

A beautiful and poetic film directed by one of the most talented Polish directors. Based on the novel of Tadeusz Konwicki, the film summer of 1939 just before the outbreak of WW II. The youth did not let their various nationalities stand in the way of friendships. The children of the German Greta and Engel are friends with the Russian Lowka and the Pole, Witek. Together they visit two aging single women, they dance together, drink wine, and dream. Uhlans ride through town in ever more raucous revelry, but the young people are only thinking of their exams and love… Witek falls in love with Alina, daughter of colonel Nałęcz. Slowly and with persistence he wins her heart. Witek is an object of affection of Greta, daughter of a pastor Baum. Witek`s friend, Lowa, enters adulthood with Cecylia and Olimpia…

Screening within the POLISH FILMS IN ENGLISH cycle.

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