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tytuł oryginalny: Środa czwartek rano

reżyseria: Grzegorz Pacek
aktorzy: Joanna Kulig, Paweł Tomaszewski

czas trwania: 71 min.
produkcja: Poland 2007
premiera: 2008-02-08

(polska wersja znajduje się TUTAJ!)

Polish Film Festival Gdynia 2007
Best New Actress - Joanna Kulig
Is a love story possible in modern Warsaw? One day about wondering capital city, which divides and tragically unites two young and very lost "contemporary insurgents". Mateo, a young Polish student is run over by a taxi and at the hospital he is spotted by a beautiful young girl who decides to follow him in the streets of Warsaw. Action is set on 1st August, the anniversary of Warsaw Uprising against the Nazis.

Grzegorz Pacek, a well-known and respected documentary film director, places a modern love story in the context of a historical event of great cultural importance for Polish citizens with a view to showing how modern people are themselves “soldiers” fighting with battles they already know they cannot win.

Screening within the POLISH FILMS IN ENGLISH cycle.

TRAILER (original version with English subtitles):

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